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Business Law

So, you have decided to start your own business.  It is important for you to have the proper documentation in place to insulate you and your personal assets from liability.  Don't make the mistake of thinking you merely have to file a form or two with the Pennsylvania Department of State to properly form a corporate or limited liability entity.  If you do not take all of the proper steps with forming your business, you could be subject to a "piercing of the corporate veil" scenario where creditors of your business can reach through your business and attach your personal assets to satisfy a liability claim or judgment.  You need a lawyer to help you with this process to protect you. 

Our firm can help you with properly forming: 

      • Corporations
      • Limited Liability Companies 
      • Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships

Or, you have been in business and need guidance through a legal dispute.  We can also help you with: 

      • Contract drafting, negotiations and litigation
      • Dissolving your business
      • Drafting Employment  Contract and Handbooks 
      • Collection Matters

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